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Can your arrest record be expunged?

It may be difficult to fully comprehend the long-term consequences of a criminal arrest the moment you are facing one in Ohio County. Yet several years removed from an incident, you may still feel the stigma of the consequences that arose from it. Should the fact that you were arrested for a crime continue to hang over your head forever. The state of West Virgnia does not think so, which is why it has offered a way for certain arrests to be expunged from your record

Myriad of charges emerges from raid on Charleston bar

It may shock some in Wheeling to see just how many criminal charges can arise from a single action by law enforcement. However, some may say that depending on the scope of the alleged offenses and the number of people involved, a myriad of charges is to be expected. Hearing of multiple legal offenses being leveled regarding a single event may cause some to believe that law enforcement officials are at their discretion when charging defendants.

What is domestic violence?

Many families in Wheeling are well aware of the physical and emotional damage domestic violence can afflict in the home. In this case, having the right information is of the utmost importance; some instances of domestic violence are not as cut and dry as others, and as a result those involved may be in denial that a serious issue is actually occurring.

What does it mean to plead insanity?

For people in West Virginia facing criminal charges, a plea of insanity is one type of criminal defense that may be utilized. While many people are aware of this legal tactic, the actual process is often misunderstood. An insanity plea involves many different factors, and requires the assistance of a skilled attorney with a comprehensive understanding of the law.

The effects of false criminal accusations

Every day people are arrested or accused of crimes they did not commit in West Virginia. The accusations, even when proven to be false, can have a serious effect on the person. The court of public opinion often weighs in, even more so now in the age of social media. Just the hint that someone could be guilty of a crime is enough for people to play judge and jury. Rumors get spread and a person’s life can be devastated.

Finding work may be easier for some people thanks to new law

Legislators often make changes to West Virginia’s laws, and the nature of these may be in response to those who feel that consequences for violations are too lax. On the other hand, often lawmakers realize that current penalties prevent offenders from becoming productive members of society, which increases their likelihood to re-offend once they have served their time and paid their fines.

The difference between burglary and robbery in West Virginia

Some people may find the charges of “burglary” and “robbery” confusing, and they may even believe the terms are synonymous. However, in West Virginia, these are two distinct offenses, and the convictions come with different penalties.

Some felons could get 'second chance' under new bill

The premise of the legal system in West Virginia is that you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Too often, those accused of a crime are convicted in the arena of public opinion before they ever get to trial. If you are the defendant and convicted, the stigma of having a record can remain for a lifetime. Work, homes, families can all be jeopardized.

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