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What constitutes as domestic terrorism in west virginia?

With today's political climate, the word "terror" has taken on many meanings. Violent attacks have spread nationwide, leaving behind more questions than answers. As many states, including West Virginia, have begun to reassess domestic terrorism laws, countless individuals are wrongly accused of terrorist acts. Where does one drawn the line in such circumstances, and where does an individual turn when he or she is accused of a threat or crime they did not commit?

Weapons possession prohibitions in West Virginia

Most in Wheeling likely do not need to be reminded that the right to bear arms is constitutional. If there is any question about the legal implications of owning a firearm, state law makes that right very clear. In Section 67-7-1 of the West Virginia Code, it states that the state's citizenry overwhelmingly supports this right. At the same time, it is also recognized that the state needs to reasonably regulate this right. This means that while most local citizens are allowed to own guns, the state has imposed certain limitations to this right. 

West virginia and current burglary laws

The taking of another person's possessions or property is a crime in West Virginia. Although the penalties for burglary are not as lasting as those attached to more serious crimes, the repercussions can nevertheless damage a person's reputation and overall wellbeing. Each state contains different penalties for burglary, but those penalties can often change.

Firearms and drugs: a serious legal combination

Sometimes, one poorly made decision leads to yet another series of unfortunate episodes. For convicted felons, a second arrest could spark an additional world of legal issues, including damaged reputations and costly court fees. While law enforcement is currently working to reduce the number of arrests for drugs and firearms, especially those concerning heroin, arrests nevertheless occur daily. Arrests for drugs are only the tip of the iceberg in some situations, and many felons find themselves overwhelmed with multiple charges that can be difficult to manage. 

From firearms to felonies: the legal details

With today's tense attitudes toward gun laws in America, it is all the more important to be aware of each state's legal details on the matter. Controversy over who, exactly, can possess firearms is recently the focal point of attention in the media and in daily life. Sometimes, gun owners may forget that they are carrying their firearm in a restricted setting. If that gun owner happens to have a history of misdemeanor charges, the results may be highly consequential. West Virginia law maintains that no individual with a past misdemeanor charge may possess a gun, yet there are other important factors of this law. 

Understanding terroristic threats

Most people in Wheeling may be prone to bouts of anger every now and then. Sometimes, that anger may prompt them to say things that may be contrary to their typical characters. People may not assign much value to words, but when those words constitute threats, law enforcement officials may take them very seriously, even to the point of labeling them as being terroristic.

Citing self-defense

It is not uncommon when reviewing news of criminal cases in Ohio County to hear that a defendant claim that his or her actions were in self-defense. While many may view this as the standard response to any allegations involving violence, we here at the Scott C. Brown Law Office can attest to the fact that such a defense may indeed be valid, and is recognized by the law. It may behoove you to understand the state’s self-defense statute if you are facing the potential for criminal penalties in a case where you felt your response to a threat was justified.

Child sex crime case goes before State Supreme Court

Many people who think about sex crimes in Ohio may initially think about adults that are accused of crimes against children or perhaps against other adults who may be more vulnerable than they in some manner. However, it is also possible that an allegation of rape or some other form of a sex crime may be made against a minor.

What are the collateral consequences of a felony?

If you are facing a felony conviction in Wheeling, you are no doubt aware of the severity of situation. Along with jail times and exorbitant fines, you will also be subject to the collateral consequences of a felony. These consequences can impact many different areas of one’s life, from being able to vote to securing gainful employment.

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