Getting It Right For Your Children

Family law issues can have significant long-term consequences for all the parties involved, particularly for the children.

I am Scott C. Brown, a Wheeling family law attorney who represents clients in West Virginia and Ohio.

"When it comes to issues involving children, I strongly counsel my clients to work together in order to limit the potential damage to their children. If you want to use your kids as ammunition in a battle against your former spouse, I'd suggest you hire another lawyer."

— Attorney Scott C. Brown

How I Am Able To Help You

I am dedicated to helping clients reach a fair resolution to issues involving children, including:

  • Child custody: I can help you develop a workable plan for shared parenting of your children.
  • Visitation: When one parent has primary custody of a child, the other has a right to visitation.
  • Child support: I can help you establish, modify or enforce court-ordered child support whether or not you and the child's other parent were ever married.
  • Modification of court orders: If you have experienced a substantial change in circumstances such as a job loss or remarriage, I can file for a modification in court-ordered child support.
  • Move-away issues: Don't just pick up and move the kids to a new location without first seeking legal advice from an attorney skilled in handling child custody issues.
  • Termination of child support: Child support obligations do not go away automatically when your child turns 18.

The Best Interest Of The Child

Decisions on child custody are based on what is in the best interest of the child, not what is fair to the parents. Often, parents share joint legal custody of their children. This allows both parents to participate in decisions about medical care, education and religious upbringing.

Typically, one parent has primary physical custody of the child and the other has visitation rights. But in some cases, children spend equal or nearly equal amounts of time with both parents.

Child Support Determinations

Child support payments are computed by a formula that is based on the combined gross income of the mother and the father, the contribution of the parent who pays for health insurance and other factors. For results to be fair, the numbers fed into the formula must be accurate. I can determine your child support obligation or the amount you will be paid.

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