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West Virginia authorities arrest multiple people over drugs

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Drug Charges |

When someone is taken into custody for a drug offense, a number of questions may arise. For example, did authorities have a search warrant or was someone accused of possessing drugs that did not belong to them? In Wheeling, and all over the state of West Virginia, people who are charged with drug crimes may also have numerous uncertainties. For example, they may worry about what will happen to their children while they are behind bars, wonder if they will lose their job or have difficulty when applying for a position years later.

Authorities in West Virginia say that they recently took 14 people into custody over the course of eight hours. The arrests, which took place in Martinsburg, were allegedly due to drug-related offenses. Law enforcement officials from Martinsburg as well as the Berkely County Sheriff’s Department and state police were all involved in the operation.

Officials claim that a number of drugs were uncovered during the operation, including morphine, heroin and crack. Authorities also said that they seized almost $3,000 from two of the people who are facing charges.

From lengthy prison sentences to steep fines, drug charges can carry significant consequences. As a result, people who have found themselves in this position should instantly explore their options. Sometimes, touching base with a legal professional who has handled many of these cases can help people develop a clearer idea of how to address their personal circumstances. After all, each case can have various unique details that have a major impact on the outcome.

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