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West Virginia man behind bars over drugs

On Behalf of | May 5, 2017 | Drug Charges |

From a lengthy prison sentence to costly fines, drug offenses can upend the lives of those facing charges. However, they can also affect people in other ways. For example, a person accused of a drug-related crime may have trouble when applying for jobs in the future or lose their current job. Also, their ability to attend college could be negatively impacted. In Wheeling, and all over the state of West Virginia, people who are dealing with these struggles personally should carefully explore their options.

A West Virginia man is currently behind bars over allegations that he was distributing drugs. The man, who is 36 years old, was a resident of Henry County. At this time, he is currently in the Bluefield County Jail and has been charged for allegedly distributing a schedule 4 narcotic.

According to law enforcement officials, he was originally stopped in his vehicle due to a traffic violation. However, once authorities pulled him over, they claim to have found hundreds of prescription pills as well as thousands of dollars in cash while searching the vehicle he was driving. In fact, authorities claim he had over 800 Xanax pills.

When it comes to drug charges, each case is different. For people suspected of these types of offenses, from manufacturing and distribution to simple possession, an individualized approach may help them obtain an outcome that is more favorable. While handling these charges can be complicated, some have consulted with a legal professional to develop a clearer idea of which options are on the table.

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