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What is domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

Many families in Wheeling are well aware of the physical and emotional damage domestic violence can afflict in the home. In this case, having the right information is of the utmost importance; some instances of domestic violence are not as cut and dry as others, and as a result those involved may be in denial that a serious issue is actually occurring.

According to the United States Department of Violence, domestic violence can involve many different factors. For instance, psychological abuse is not uncommon, and this can entail forcing the victim to isolate from friends and family by way of threats of violence. These threats can be directed at the victim or at the victims loved ones. Destruction of property is also considered domestic violence, as is causing fear or intimidation.

Emotional abuse is another factor in domestic violence. In this case, the victim may be privy to numerous insults in an attempt to deplete his or her self-worth. This often incudes name-calling, calling into question one’s abilities or causing harm to other personal relationships. Emotional abuse can be subtle, which makes it difficult to properly address in many instances.

Of course, physical abuse is perhaps the most common aspect of domestic violence. Victims of abuse often experience punching, kicking, kicking, grabbing, pushing and a range of other violent behaviors. In addition to these actions, physical abuse is also characterized by preventing the victim from accessing the proper medical care, as well as forcing the victim to consume drugs and alcohol. The ultimate goal of domestic violence is to gain absolute control over the other person, which often entails a combination of the above actions.