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Mountaineer hoopster facing misdemeanor charges

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Most in Wheeling may describe themselves as being fully capable of remaining calm and composed, and able to maintain that composure even in stressful situations. Yet many may not understand the limits that a “stressful situation” can push them to. Depending on the circumstances, one could feel as though a scenario forces him or her to react in a way that many would describe as being aggressive and even potentially criminal. Once one’s carefully crafted composure abandons him or her (if even for a brief moment), he or she could resort to actions to could net some potentially serious consequences

That could certainly be what awaits a player from West Virginia University’s men’s basketball team. The young man was recently involved in an altercation that resulted in him being charged with misdemeanor battery and destruction of property. He was identified by a WVU athletic department employee following a fight he entered into with an unidentified man in Morgantown. The two approached an intersection in their vehicles and began arguing. After exiting the cars, the argument escalated into a fight, during which the young man threw his opponent against one of the cars and then punched him repeatedly while on the ground. The end result was damage being done to the vehicle and the opponent sustaining a broken nose. 

The details of the argument were not released, yet appear to have been enough to provoke the actions that followed. While violence may rarely be viewed as an acceptable resolution method to a heated encounter, one might understand how an otherwise calm and unthreatening individual could lose his or her cool in such a situation. Those needing assistance in securing the most favorable outcomes to such incidents may find it through the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.