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How are first-time drug offenses handled?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Drug Charges |

As a resident of West Virginia facing drug-related charges for the first time, you’re likely nervous and wondering what to expect. Scott C. Brown Law Office will be here to help you through every single step.

As a first-time offender in a drug-related case, you could still be facing stiff penalties if convicted. Even a first-time offender can end up with fines, fees, and the possibility of license suspension or revocation. It all depends on the severity of what you’re being accused of. If your charges are particularly severe, you may even be facing jail time.

However, as a first-time offender, you may also have the option of attending drug court. What is drug court? Basically, if you’re eligible, you can enter a guilty plea to the charge you face. After that, you will submit an agreement for random drug testing. You must then attend classes or a drug rehabilitation program. The drug testing will occur over the duration of this program. If you do not get re-arrested during that period, your charges will be dropped.

This is an excellent option if it’s available, because any drug charge can do damage your record if it becomes a conviction. It can make it harder for you to find work, residence, or drive. It can even damage your social reputation. If you want to read more about drug charges and the penalties you may face if convicted, you can visit our web page, linked here. Knowing what to expect will likely help you feel more prepared.