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Finding a good job after a criminal conviction

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

People who live in West Virginia and who are looking for a new job know that they will likely have to compete with many other candidates to get the role they want. Employers will carefully review applications for experience and relevant education. They are also likely to review criminal records which people with convictions in their past may be concerned about. However, getting a good job after a conviction is possible.

As explained by Monster, even though criminal background checks have become standard processes for most companies today, the mere presence of a criminal past does not automatically disqualify a candidate. In fact, more than eight out of ten hiring managers are said to believe that the same amount of value can be provided to an organization by a person with or without a criminal history. This is based on data from the Society for Human Resource Management and the Charles Koch Institute.

Glassdoor recommends that all job seekers conduct their own background check so they are aware what actually shows up on it. This way they can either correct inaccurate information or be prepared to speak to the facts that are there.

Before the results of a background check are received by a potential employer, a candidate should proactively inform them of the criminal history. The focus of this conversation should be on what was learned so as to reassure the employer that no future incidents will occur. It is also helpful if the nature of the offense is not related to the nature of the job being applied for.