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Drug charges await 3 Putnam County residents

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

When news of someone being arrested in Ohio County breaks, many may often be surprised at how many criminal charges the accused is facing given the circumstances of their arrest. Often, something that may seem as simple as an alleged minor infraction can often result in a person facing a veritable mountain of interwoven charges. It is typically the unique circumstances of an arrest that dictate how many criminal complaints a person may be faced with. In some cases, they may all be justified. In others, however, people might start to question when the prosecution of one becomes too much. 

Tale the case of a trio of now-criminal defendants in Putnam County. All three were arrested over the same incident. It began with local law enforcement authorities approaching a vehicle whose appearance they said was suspicious. As they got closer, the adult occupants of the vehicle fled, leaving two infant children remaining inside. Officials searched the vehicle and supposedly found drugs inside. They later arrested the people who fled and charged them with (among other things) drug possession and child endangerment. Additionally, also found the address where the pair had purchased the drugs and arrested the woman who supposedly set up the pair with the drugs. 

While each of the person’s actions in the example above may indeed warrant individual charges being levied against them, an association with another criminal defendant should not give law enforcement offers license to throw multiple charges around in order to increase their chances of getting a conviction. Yet people may still find themselves facing multiple criminal charges, and those who may want to secure the services of an experienced attorney to help in answering them.