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Online offenses and your child’s future

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

If your child is facing charges related to an online offense, you are probably worried about various facets of the case and the way in which it will impact their life. As a parent, it is imperative for you to take steps to protect your child and this is especially important during such a difficult time. In recent years, many teens and young adults struggle with charges related to online activity, and these allegations threaten various facets of their future.

In addition, these charges are often very complicated. Sometimes, there is a lot of gray area and it is difficult to determine whether an offense even occurred in the first place, which highlights the importance of carefully reviewing the details of such a case.

Stalking and bullying

Young people face various charges related to internet activity. Sometimes, people are charged with cyberstalking, such as someone who harasses their former boyfriend or girlfriend. Many people are also accused of cyberbullying and these charges are also very serious, depending on the situation. For example, some people who claim that cyberbullying caused them to harm themselves are able to virtually destroy the lives of others (even if the claims are exaggerated or untrue).

The impact of cybercrime cases

For a young person, these charges can create financial problems, emotional trauma (depression, anxiety, etc.) as well as problems related to one’s job and employability in the future. Moreover, these allegations often interfere with school and even threaten a teen’s ability to attend a particular college, for example. Review our site for more on handling charges related to online offenses.