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What if you really did hold marijuana for a friend?

You do not use marijuana yourself, but a friend with a prescription has left his supply with you while he takes care of some other business. If an officer discovers you with the marijuana in your possession, should you tell him or her you are simply holding it for your friend? 

Swatting: the online prank that can get you arrested

The anonymous nature of social media, multi-player online gaming and other internet activities can make people feel safe doing something they would never do in real life. This might include getting into vicious verbal sparring, making threats against others and even attempting to get revenge on someone after an online slight. You and other West Virginia residents who spend time on the internet should understand that some online behaviors may result in criminal repercussions.

Is high alcohol tolerance a good DUI defense?

In some ways, claiming that you have a high tolerance for alcohol might seem like a good DUI defense. After all, the idea is that if you can handle your liquor much better than the average person, you drive more safely too. It requires much more alcohol to get you too impaired to drive.

Fentanyl causes more overdoses in West Virginia than heroin

It is clear to anyone who lives in West Virginia there are drug abuse problems. Many outlets have reported statistics that claim heroin is the leading cause of overdose deaths in the state, but new evidence suggests otherwise. According to WVVA, fentanyl may cause more overdose deaths here than any other drug. 

What you need to know when meeting your defense attorney

The initial meeting between you and your attorney is actually the important first step to your criminal defense. And like so many important matters in life, its best to start things off on the right foot. To make this meeting as productive as possible, it is wise to come prepared and understand the process.

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