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Plea bargaining and justice

Most residents in West Virginia have likely heard stories about someone who has been charged with a criminal offense and ended up agreeing to a plea deal instead of opting to allow their case to go to trial. This has become quite a common practice in today's criminal justice system. As explained by Flow Psychology, a plea agreement may reduce some of the unknown risk to a defendant as they will know the outcome versus going to trial, which can feel more like rolling the dice.

Trucker's conviction after fatal crash overturned

People in West Virginia who find themselves accused of serious crimes can often feel like they are at a big disadvantage when it comes to defending themselves. While the road may be challenging at times, it is important for defendants to remain assured that they do have the right to prove their innocence and be heard. One truck driver who is from Illinois but was involved in a serious crash in West Virginia knows this very well.

The history of Miranda rights

If you are like most people in West Virginia, you have watched multiple television shows or movies in which a person has been stopped by a law enforcement officer and questioned. Before any questions are asked, however, the person playing the officer first recites the words of what are known to be part of the Miranda rights. In short, these rights allow a person to legally refuse to respond to any police questioning without penalty.

How many teens drink and drive?

Drunk driving charges can be tough for anyone to deal with, but some people have an especially hard time after they are pulled over for driving under the influence. For example, those who are under the age of 21 may face tough penalties and they may also face challenges within their family and as they try to prepare for college and the workplace. Moreover, zero tolerance laws can mean that even small amounts of alcohol in an underage drinker’s system can result in DUI charges. It is important for parents and teens to be aware of just how many teens drive drunk and the consequences of these charges.

What is the problem with forensic testing?

When a crime occurs, evidence is collected and ran through a series of forensic testing methods in hopes of linking a suspect to a case. The results of the testing are then presented to the judge and jury presiding over the case in hopes of providing a better picture of what happened at the crime scene. The problem lies in the fact that not all results provided through scientific testing methods are accurate and some are extremely unreliable. They are presented to the judge and jury, however, as if they are valid and the people who determine whether the defendant is innocent or guilty may base their decision off erroneous information.

Criminal justice reform activities in West Virginia

Residents in West Virginia may be aware of the First Step Act, a recent federal step toward criminal justice reform. However, it is also important to be aware of the many actions currently underway in the state of West Virginia specifically that are aiming to improve the lives of people accused of or convicted of criminal offenses.

How serious is trespassing in West Virginia?

Like many people, you may think trespassing is not too big of a deal, especially if you are younger or enjoy the activity known as urban exploring. However, you and other West Virginia residents should understand that entering private or commercial property without permission, or remaining on the property after being asked to leave by someone legally in charge of the property, can result in long-lasting criminal repercussions.

State files unique civil suit against diocese

Many people in West Virginia have watched as scandals surrounding sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic church have erupted across the nation and even the world. Certainly, it is important that children are protected but it is also important to note that not every allegation may be true just like with any type of allegation or criminal charge. The state of West Virginia appears poised to try a new approach to pursuing some accountability for alleged improprieties by the church.

DUI arrest results in dismissal of West Virginia state trooper

Most in Wheeling might expect some sort of consequence to accompany criminal charges. They might think, however, that such consequences will be exclusively limited to one's criminal case. Yet that may not always happen. Allegations of criminal activity can affect those that they are leveled at in a number of different ways. One might see their public reputation sullied, their rights restricted, and even their careers affected. 

Can I really expunge a criminal record?

If you have ever been arrested in West Virginia, you know how important it is to understand who may have access to any records pertaining to this event. Even if you were never convicted and charges against you were dropped, it would be nice to know that the experience is not something that will come up and haunt you later on, such as during a job search. Many people are able to seek a formal expungement of their criminal records but that is something that might be more complicated today than a couple of decades ago.

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