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What are the different murder charges?

You may have heard of court cases where someone is charged with murder in the first degree or where a person is charged with manslaughter. You might wonder how these charges are different. After all, in both cases someone was killed. West Virginia law specifies different types of murder and how those charges are handled.

Expunging felony charges

Were one to ask anyone who has been convicted a felony, the person with said conviction can attest to the fact that the stigma that accompanies it can make life very difficult in Ohio County. For this reason, many who have such felony charges in their pasts often wonder if any records related to them can be expunged. An expungement will typically eliminate any record related to an offense from any official database that might be queried when decisions are being made regarding employment, housing and other matters. However, not every felony charge (or every person convicted) is eligible for expungement. 

Stressful scenario leaves Parkersburg mom facing felony charges

Many in Wheeling may wonder what separates a felony charge from a misdemeanor. Some might guess that it is the intent behind the alleged crime that results in more serious charges, while others still might say that the outcome of a supposed offense makes that determination. While those factors may come into consideration in some cases, more often than not it may be the means of commission which determine whether one faces felony or misdemeanor charges. The intent behind an alleged offense (or even lack thereof) may ultimately be viewed as being irrelevant given the crime's supposed conditions. 

Felony vs. misdemeanor DUI

Any case in which you are charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Wheeling should be taken seriously. Having said that, not every DUI offense is created equal. Many come to us here at the Scott C. Brown Law Office after having been arrested for DUI concerned that they could be facing jail time. While there are certainly serious consequences to can accompany any DUI conviction (some of which maay fall outside of the realm of criminal law), the penalties that you might face vary depending on what form of DUI you are charged with. This begs the question of when is a DUI a misdemeanor in West Virginia, and when is it a felony? 

The rights restrictions that come with felonies

It goes without saying that a felony conviction in Wheeling brings with it a wide range of consequences. When clients facing felony charges come to see us here at The Scott C. Brown Law Office, their main concern is on the potential criminal penalties they may face. If you are also dealing with a felony arrest, your likely share the same worry (and for good reason). Yet even if you secure a favorable outcome to your case, having a felony on your record automatically means that you forfeit certain rights. 

Felony charges and unfounded accusations

Facing a possible assault charge is one of the most excruciating situations an individual can experience. An unfounded accusation can muddy those waters even further. West Virginia residents going through such challenging times have a natural fear of a damaged reputation. There are some facts to know, however, regarding unfounded accusations and false allegations. 

America's exoneration problem

When an exoneration reaches the public spotlight time and time again, the problem becomes all the more clear: America has a long road ahead in regard to the ways it handles false convictions. Not only can a wrongful conviction reflect poor judgement on behalf of a criminal justice system; it can completely destroy a person's life. Time behind bars does not seem as excruciating to those on the other side, but for the West Virginians who face penalties on false grounds, a life can be at stake. 

The reality of racial profiling in america

America has long been known for its diverse society, with countless cultures and subcultures thriving in cities across the map. By the same token, an underlying current of racism affects many non-white citizens, especially the country's Muslim population. Although terroristic threats are a real safety risk in today's world -- including West Virginia -- the racial profiling that occurs behind the scenes can inflict serious damage, as well. 

Felonies and gun rights in west virginia

For many felons in West Virginia, just one past decision has led to years of court hearings, fees and, in some cases, a damaged reputation. Contrary to what some might believe, not all felons have a violent past. Even those who have been convicted for a violent crime have had extensive periods of time to pay fines and face repercussions.

Proving innocence in a serious case

With the countless portrayals circulating throughout the media, serious crimes have become a common phrase to the average entertainment seeker. However, what many often forget is that those who face severe charges are actual people -- people whose lives have been put on the line in a matter of hours. West Virginians currently experiencing such unfortunate events may feel overwhelmed at the extensive legal process, especially when a felony charge could be looming in the future. While false accusations are a sobering reality, where does the law draw the line? 

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