Vast Understanding Of Handling Of OVI Charges In Jefferson County

If you have been charged with operating your vehicle under the influence (OVI) in Jefferson County, Monroe County or Belmont County, attorney Scott C. Brown is someone you can trust to help you through this difficult process.

Understanding An OVI

An OVI in Ohio is almost always a Level 1 misdemeanor; however, if you inflict serious property damage, injure someone or kill another driver, passenger or pedestrian, you can be charged with a felony. In addition, repeated convictions of OVI can also result in a felony conviction.

The majority of OVIs are misdemeanors, but they still come with heavy fines, loss of license, probation and even a short jail sentence in some case. Repeat offenses generally end up in significant jail time and felony OVIs can land you in a state prison for years.

To make the process even more difficult for you, powerful lobby groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving have become quite successful in worsening penalties imposed on intoxicated drivers. State and local law enforcement even set up task forces set solely on catching drunk drivers. OVI checkpoints are set up around long weekends and holidays in a way that can almost make a person feel entrapped.

Consequences Of An OVI

An OVI arrest can bring upon extensive consequences for you. Dealing with the possibility of fines, jail time, probation, vehicle impoundment, ignition interlock device, loss of license, points on your license, alcohol education classes (ARD), alcoholics anonymous meetings, skyrocketing insurance costs, a public record and community service can be a depressing and overwhelming time in your life. But with a compassionate, upstanding attorney like Scott C. Brown on your side, you do not have to go through this experience alone. You probably have so many questions now that your head is spinning. Attorney Scott C. Brown has the answers.

Helping Those Arrested For OVI

Scott C. Brown Law Office has helped people just like you who have been charged with OVI. Most people who are charged with OVI are usually normal, everyday citizens who make a lapse in judgment and now have to pay an ungodly price for it. And although OVIs are generally charged as misdemeanors, those penalties and consequences can be infuriatingly complex. Attorney Brown prides himself on successfully navigating his clients through the many legal and regulatory pitfalls, which are so difficult to traverse.

Probably more than any other kind of crime, an OVI can affect the gamut of society. Age, sex, gender, race and socioeconomic status are irrelevant when it comes to OVI arrests. Manual labor workers, students, lawyers, doctors, judges and even the former president of MADD in Florida has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Attorney Brown has represented people from all walks of life and empathizes with the sensitivity of his clients in these cases.

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An OVI is most often the result of a bad choice, not a bad person. Attorney Brown has the experience and understanding to achieve the results you are looking for, and he will gladly explain the OVI process in a way that you can most easily understand. If you have been arrested for OVI in Jefferson County, Monroe County or Belmont County call attorney Brown at 304-907-0599 or (toll-free) 866-933-0205 or contact him through his website by clicking here. Don’t worry or wait any longer. Call us today.