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Three brothers arrested for giving out meth-laced gummy bears

Many in Wheeling may often wonder why it seems when kids and teens are involved in what turns out to be very serious incidents why so often they are perceived to be treated with leniency. Some may think that is their bad behavior in any way mirrors that of an adult, they should be treated the same way. While some of their concerns may be well-founded, it should also be remembered the youths often do not fully appreciate the harm that their actions may cause, and that with the benefit of better judgment, they might choose to avoid acting up altogether. 

Medical marijuana and the opioid crisis

In the last few years, the problem of prescription drugs has taken primary focus in the nation -- and with good reason, as the epidemic has affected thousands. Yet a less-reported topic, especially in the state of West Virginia, is that of marijuana laws. The nation has seen a major shift in attitudes towards the drug, but West Virginia has yet to fully legalize recreational use. While there are a number of researched medical benefits of marijuana, many locals are voicing that the drug could be one solution to the opioid epidemic itself. 

What are West Virginia's drug schedules?

Like most in Ohio County, you likely understand that to be caught allegedly possessing any type of drugs can be a serious offense. Yet just as is the case with controlled substances, not all drug offenses are created equal. The state has broken the different classifications of drugs down into schedules. The details of these drug schedules can be found in Article 2 of the West Virginia's Uniform Controlled Substances Act. 

Complex approaches to the opioid crisis

Drug offenses of any kind can be incredibly detrimental to an individual's life -- not only in the current-tense, but in the future, as well. When it comes to illegal possession of prescription drug offenses in West Virginia, lawmakers are reconsidering the once-widespread availability of opioids, turning to preventative measures in attempts of putting a halt to the state's drug epidemic. This tracing back to the initial acquiring of prescription drugs can potentially help those in need of addiction recovery. 

Drug-related charges and employment

If you are charged with an offense that involves drugs, you life may be impacted in numerous ways. For example, you could face time behind bars, steep fines, or problems with some of your family members as a result of the charges. Moreover, our law firm is aware of the other ways that these charges could affect you currently and in the future. For example, you may have problems related to employment if you are charged with a drug crime in Wheeling or another part of West Virginia.

The changing landscape of opioid addiction and the law

West Virginia is a beautiful place, but economic forces at play within the state cause it to face some unique challenges. One of the most tragic of these challenges in recent years is the rise of opioid addiction in the state. An addiction to prescription painkillers or heroin can cost jobs, destroy marriages and ultimately prove fatal. It can also result in steep criminal penalties for violations of drug laws.

Drug diversion in West Virginia

An arrest for a drug-related offense in West Virginia may include a wide range of types of substances as well as other circumstances. From prescription medications like opioid painkillers or anxiety and depression medications to illegal substances like methamphetamines and heroin, people may find themselves accused of criminal activities. These offenses range from possession to distribution and more. For some defendants, the ability to participate in a drug diversion program may be an option.

The reality of the opioid epidemic

In recent years, West Virginia has become the most critically affected U.S. state in the opioid epidemic. Officials have debated numerous strategies to put a hault to this nation-wide emergency, including educating individuals about the dark truth of opioid use and providing assistance to those gripped with addiction. Health investigations currently circulate regarding prescription companies and their widespread distribution of painkillers to the public. 

Traffic stop results in arrest of man with two drug warrants

When news of a drug arrest first becomes public in Wheeling, people might automatically assume that means someone was simply caught using an illegal drug or controlled substance. Yet that may not always be the case. There are, in reality, a wide array of drug charges, each dedicated to single topic related to drug use, whether it be the fabrication, transportation, selling or possessing them. The severity of the consequences one may face could depend on the type of drug offense he or she is charged with. In certain cases, one may be charged with multiple drug offenses, all related to a single encounter.

Convicted drug offenders receive lengthy prison sentences

Facing drug crimes in Wheeling can be very daunting. The possible penalties are extremely serious, even for charges involving only the possession of a small amount of drugs. Therefore, one of the best things those accused of being involved in illegal drug activity can do is to have a solid defense to present to the court.

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