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Convicted drug offenders receive lengthy prison sentences

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2017 | Drug Charges |

Facing drug crimes in Wheeling can be very daunting. The possible penalties are extremely serious, even for charges involving only the possession of a small amount of drugs. Therefore, one of the best things those accused of being involved in illegal drug activity can do is to have a solid defense to present to the court.

As a result of facing a myriad of charges, including distribution of methamphetamine, several people in West Virginia are now heading to prison to serve terms ranging from six to 210 months. Of the 14 people who were sentenced, the average prison term received was six and half years. The sentences were the result of guilty pleas by the individuals. Some of the individuals were also accused of gun and weapon charges as well. A handful of people have also entered pleas but have not yet been sentenced.

The arrests of the offenders were the result of work by a task force that was focused on those who distribute methamphetamine. Tips from the public also played a role in the bust. The drugs were incredibly potent and the ring is thought to be responsible for distributing 500 grams. Local authorities hope that the harshness of the penalties received will send a message to those who are or are considering being involved in the drug distribution game.

Many individuals who are facing drug charges may feel scared, especially since a conviction can have life altering consequences. People who have been accused of an offense involving drugs may wish to contact an experienced attorney.

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