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How should you explain your felony to employers?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Criminal Law |

You applied for a promising job with an employer in West Virginia, and you recently got a call for an interview. You have the chance to show what makes you a great candidate, but you also have the chance to show why you have a felony on your record. 

While your criminal past does not have to prevent you from landing a job, it presents a unique obstacle. Learn how to explain your record to employers to help show that you are not a risk. 

Be honest

One of the most essential steps is being honest about your felony. Understandably, you may feel ashamed and anxious, but the employer is likely to find out about your past after running a background check on you. By revealing the information voluntarily, you gain control of the narrative. 

Get specific

Avoid being vague when describing your felony and its impact. Are you on parole? What do your charges mean? How long were you imprisoned? Also, mention how many convictions you received. 

Spin it

Touch on how your felony changed you for the better. Have you learned to take responsibility for your actions? Do you have a deeper understanding of yourself and other people? If you learned anything in prison, be it life lessons or a skill, mention that. How could your experience make you a better employee and asset to the company in ways other applicants cannot bring to the table? 

Share changes

Share with the employer the steps you take to improve your life and ensure that you never see the inside of a prison cell again. Focus on life improvements made since your release. 

You do not have to let your felony act as a burdensome weight during your job search. Use these tips to show you are aware of your mistakes and want to rectify them.