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How many teens drink and drive?

Drunk driving charges can be tough for anyone to deal with, but some people have an especially hard time after they are pulled over for driving under the influence. For example, those who are under the age of 21 may face tough penalties and they may also face challenges within their family and as they try to prepare for college and the workplace. Moreover, zero tolerance laws can mean that even small amounts of alcohol in an underage drinker’s system can result in DUI charges. It is important for parents and teens to be aware of just how many teens drive drunk and the consequences of these charges.

Authorities required to have warrant before pinging a cellphone

In a majority of crime shows, there are scenes depicting an onslaught of local authorities working to track down criminals by pinging their cell phone location. However, even though this has been true in the past, a recent change may now require authorities to do a bit more footwork before they are cleared to ping the location of any cell phone in West Virginia. 

What is the problem with forensic testing?

When a crime occurs, evidence is collected and ran through a series of forensic testing methods in hopes of linking a suspect to a case. The results of the testing are then presented to the judge and jury presiding over the case in hopes of providing a better picture of what happened at the crime scene. The problem lies in the fact that not all results provided through scientific testing methods are accurate and some are extremely unreliable. They are presented to the judge and jury, however, as if they are valid and the people who determine whether the defendant is innocent or guilty may base their decision off erroneous information.

Traffic stops and Fourth Amendment rights

As you are driving in or out of Wheeling, you may be unfortunate enough to catch the red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. Having a cop pull you over can spark immediate dread, even when you have nothing to feel inherently guilty about.

Criminal justice reform activities in West Virginia

Residents in West Virginia may be aware of the First Step Act, a recent federal step toward criminal justice reform. However, it is also important to be aware of the many actions currently underway in the state of West Virginia specifically that are aiming to improve the lives of people accused of or convicted of criminal offenses.

How serious is trespassing in West Virginia?

Like many people, you may think trespassing is not too big of a deal, especially if you are younger or enjoy the activity known as urban exploring. However, you and other West Virginia residents should understand that entering private or commercial property without permission, or remaining on the property after being asked to leave by someone legally in charge of the property, can result in long-lasting criminal repercussions.

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