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What constitutes tax evasion?

As a West Virginia taxpayer, you undoubtedly accord a great deal of respect to the Internal Revenue Service. You undoubtedly also realize that this governmental entity has enormous powers. Consequently, you may occasionally have worries or fears that you somehow failed to correctly calculate your taxes and about what the IRS might do should they discover such an error.

What are the different murder charges?

You may have heard of court cases where someone is charged with murder in the first degree or where a person is charged with manslaughter. You might wonder how these charges are different. After all, in both cases someone was killed. West Virginia law specifies different types of murder and how those charges are handled.

Defining imitation controlled substances

Of all of the incorrect assumptions that many in Wheeling have in regards to the state's drug laws, one of the most common may be that authorities do not take drug charges as seriously as other criminal offenses. The thought may be that if one is arrested for a drug offense, they are likely to only be charged with a simple misdemeanor and sent on their way. In reality, however, law enforcement can indeed come down hard on those who allegedly commit drug offenses. One need only review the state's imitation controlled substance laws to understand this. 

What is hearsay?

While watching movies or shows depicting courtroom proceedings, you likely hear a lot of jargon that, while sounding technical (and thus legitimate), probably means little to you. Yet now that you are facing your own criminal trial in Wheeling, the meanings of those words and statements should now be of great interest to you. 

Expunging felony charges

Were one to ask anyone who has been convicted a felony, the person with said conviction can attest to the fact that the stigma that accompanies it can make life very difficult in Ohio County. For this reason, many who have such felony charges in their pasts often wonder if any records related to them can be expunged. An expungement will typically eliminate any record related to an offense from any official database that might be queried when decisions are being made regarding employment, housing and other matters. However, not every felony charge (or every person convicted) is eligible for expungement. 

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