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Swatting: the online prank that can get you arrested

The anonymous nature of social media, multi-player online gaming and other internet activities can make people feel safe doing something they would never do in real life. This might include getting into vicious verbal sparring, making threats against others and even attempting to get revenge on someone after an online slight. You and other West Virginia residents who spend time on the internet should understand that some online behaviors may result in criminal repercussions.

Felonies and gun rights in west virginia

For many felons in West Virginia, just one past decision has led to years of court hearings, fees and, in some cases, a damaged reputation. Contrary to what some might believe, not all felons have a violent past. Even those who have been convicted for a violent crime have had extensive periods of time to pay fines and face repercussions.

What is felony possession of a weapon?

“If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” Many people in West Virginia know this saying; it is well-known and well-used by the National Rifle Association and gun owners across the nation. As the decades-long debate continues over gun control, it is important that gun owners and collectors know the laws in the Mountain State to avoid violations.

West virginia's current outlook on the opioid crisis

America's opioid crisis is, unfortunately, nowhere near its bitter end. Yet as the rest of the nation struggles to address this ongoing drug problem, West Virginia has been hit the most critically. Recent reports even reveal that prescription drugs continued to enter the state until 2015. What is the current outlook of this crippling issue, and might West Virginia receive its long overdue break from the epidemic that affects thousands of lives each year? 

The truth behind america's drug diversion programs

For those on the outside looking in, it can be easy to form stereotypes about individuals struggling with drug problems. Today's current opioid epidemic has, however, revealed the shocking reality that countless Americans suffer from addictions -- no matter the age, gender, profession or location. West Virginia is no exception to this crisis, and in fact is home to one of the areas suffering from heroin addictions the most. 

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