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The effects of false criminal accusations

Every day people are arrested or accused of crimes they did not commit in West Virginia. The accusations, even when proven to be false, can have a serious effect on the person. The court of public opinion often weighs in, even more so now in the age of social media. Just the hint that someone could be guilty of a crime is enough for people to play judge and jury. Rumors get spread and a person’s life can be devastated.

What are the collateral consequences of a felony?

If you are facing a felony conviction in Wheeling, you are no doubt aware of the severity of situation. Along with jail times and exorbitant fines, you will also be subject to the collateral consequences of a felony. These consequences can impact many different areas of one’s life, from being able to vote to securing gainful employment.

West Virginia man behind bars over drugs

From a lengthy prison sentence to costly fines, drug offenses can upend the lives of those facing charges. However, they can also affect people in other ways. For example, a person accused of a drug-related crime may have trouble when applying for jobs in the future or lose their current job. Also, their ability to attend college could be negatively impacted. In Wheeling, and all over the state of West Virginia, people who are dealing with these struggles personally should carefully explore their options.

Finding work may be easier for some people thanks to new law

Legislators often make changes to West Virginia’s laws, and the nature of these may be in response to those who feel that consequences for violations are too lax. On the other hand, often lawmakers realize that current penalties prevent offenders from becoming productive members of society, which increases their likelihood to re-offend once they have served their time and paid their fines.

Stay calm and be prepared after a DUI arrest

If you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer, and your blood alcohol levels are above the legal limit or you are unable to pass a sobriety or breath test, you will almost always be arrested immediately. This is an important time because how you handle the arrest will affect your criminal record. Your record has an important impact on many aspects of your life, including your chances of employment and your ability to borrow money for college.

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