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Why is it easy for petty cash theft to occur?

Not all company funds are kept in a checking account. At times, an employer may keep a small supply of cash on hand for simple, quick purchases. While having cash available can be convenient, there is the chance that a worker might steal some of the money, gambling that the employer will overlook a few missing dollars. There are a number of reasons why petty cash theft can easily happen to a West Virginia business.

Does heroin use have long-term effects?

Along with short-term risks like overdose and legal trouble, heroin use can also have a long-term impact. This highly addictive substance is capable of changing a person's brain chemistry, which makes overcoming the drug extremely difficult. Very Well Mind explains how prolonged heroin abuse can damage your body and your life.

Young girls alleges Weston man sexually assaulted her

Criminal accusations made by children in Wheeling are rightly treated very seriously by authorities. Yet at the same time, their sources should also be considered before any guilt is assumed. While kids may indeed be capable of correctly identifying criminal activity, their lack of maturity and experience may cause them to misinterpret situations or embellish details, potentially leading to criminal charges that may not entirely be warranted. The hope that such accusations are not all law enforcement officials rely on when arresting an charging an individual. 

Which age group has the highest rate of drunk driving?

You may have a certain picture in mind of a typical drunk driver. Perhaps it is an alcoholic repeat offender or a cold-hearted criminal who does not care about others. While these personas definitely exist, they do not capture the most important thing to remember about intoxicated driving: It can happen to anyone.

Plea bargaining and justice

Most residents in West Virginia have likely heard stories about someone who has been charged with a criminal offense and ended up agreeing to a plea deal instead of opting to allow their case to go to trial. This has become quite a common practice in today's criminal justice system. As explained by Flow Psychology, a plea agreement may reduce some of the unknown risk to a defendant as they will know the outcome versus going to trial, which can feel more like rolling the dice.

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