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How can a plea bargain benefit me?

One thing that may come to mind when you are facing criminal charges in West Virginia is the plea bargain concept. Depending on the charges you face and the circumstances surrounding your case, you may be offered a plea bargain in which the prosecution offers you a deal if you plead no contest. According to The Atlantic, “97 percent of felony convictions are the result of plea bargains.” 

West virginia and current burglary laws

The taking of another person's possessions or property is a crime in West Virginia. Although the penalties for burglary are not as lasting as those attached to more serious crimes, the repercussions can nevertheless damage a person's reputation and overall wellbeing. Each state contains different penalties for burglary, but those penalties can often change.

Medical marijuana and the opioid crisis

In the last few years, the problem of prescription drugs has taken primary focus in the nation -- and with good reason, as the epidemic has affected thousands. Yet a less-reported topic, especially in the state of West Virginia, is that of marijuana laws. The nation has seen a major shift in attitudes towards the drug, but West Virginia has yet to fully legalize recreational use. While there are a number of researched medical benefits of marijuana, many locals are voicing that the drug could be one solution to the opioid epidemic itself. 

Claiming self-defense

We at the Scott C. Brown Law Office have often worked with clients in Wheeling who have justified their allegedly violent actions towards others as being in self-defense. Like many, you may automatically roll your eyes at hearing such a defense until, of course, you are placed in a position where you or a loved one feel threatened. Many may retreat in such a scenario, hoping that law enforcement officials will come to their aid. Yet when no such support is guaranteed, you may wonder if you are legally justified to fight back. 

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