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Understanding prescription drug laws

Although the nation has seen a great deal of change in its drug laws in recent years, the regulations surrounding most substances remain strict. Some changes involve the legalization of marijuana, while others have tightened the grip on laws involving more serious substances. As for prescription drugs in West Virginia, just one offense could result in severe consequences.  

Mountaineer hoopster facing misdemeanor charges

Most in Wheeling may describe themselves as being fully capable of remaining calm and composed, and able to maintain that composure even in stressful situations. Yet many may not understand the limits that a "stressful situation" can push them to. Depending on the circumstances, one could feel as though a scenario forces him or her to react in a way that many would describe as being aggressive and even potentially criminal. Once one's carefully crafted composure abandons him or her (if even for a brief moment), he or she could resort to actions to could net some potentially serious consequences

White collar crime and its consequences

A particular type of crime known as white-collar crime is more typical than other types of crimes among business executives. In fact, the name "white collar" derives from the image of a business executive, who may often wear a white-collared shirt to work, as opposed to so-called blue-collar workers in manual trades.

How does a plea bargain work?

Plea bargaining is the way many criminal cases in West Virginia and throughout the U.S are settled. In fact, plea bargaining is the way most criminal cases get resolved, according to the American Bar Association. There are many practical reasons for the prevalence of plea bargaining, including time and money. Prosecutors in many jurisdictions use plea bargaining for the following reasons.

New breath test device claims to measure THC

While several states around the country have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, West Virginia has not. However, last year a law was passed that legalized the use of pot for medicinal purposes and starting next summer, people will be able to actively use marijuana under the medicinal pot program. Knowing that this is on the horizon makes it reasonable that residents should understand that the potential for an impaired driving arrest may exist.

How can I get a conditional discharge?

Although restriction on the use of marijuana is easing in states throughout the U.S., possession can still land you in hot water, despite West Virginia’s adoption of medical-use marijuana last year. Unless you have a prescription, pot is still a controlled substance, and those found with it face the same legal problems as anyone caught with other illegal drugs. If you are a first-time offender, you may qualify for a conditional discharge of the offense, as long as the charge is for personal use and not for sale or distribution.

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