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Drug-related charges and employment

If you are charged with an offense that involves drugs, you life may be impacted in numerous ways. For example, you could face time behind bars, steep fines, or problems with some of your family members as a result of the charges. Moreover, our law firm is aware of the other ways that these charges could affect you currently and in the future. For example, you may have problems related to employment if you are charged with a drug crime in Wheeling or another part of West Virginia.

You can avoid jail time even with a previous DUI conviction

Some people drink and drive a lot and never seem to get caught. Others are scrupulous, cutting off their wine or beer intake well before they have to leave a social event in Wheeling, yet they still get pulled over, charged and convicted anyway. The first time this happens is distressing enough, especially if you were certain you were adequately sober to drive. (And maybe you were. It is true that police testimonies and the results of blood alcohol content tests are not always reliable.)

The changing landscape of opioid addiction and the law

West Virginia is a beautiful place, but economic forces at play within the state cause it to face some unique challenges. One of the most tragic of these challenges in recent years is the rise of opioid addiction in the state. An addiction to prescription painkillers or heroin can cost jobs, destroy marriages and ultimately prove fatal. It can also result in steep criminal penalties for violations of drug laws.

Myriad of charges emerges from raid on Charleston bar

It may shock some in Wheeling to see just how many criminal charges can arise from a single action by law enforcement. However, some may say that depending on the scope of the alleged offenses and the number of people involved, a myriad of charges is to be expected. Hearing of multiple legal offenses being leveled regarding a single event may cause some to believe that law enforcement officials are at their discretion when charging defendants.

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