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How do you get a presidential pardon?

Following your conviction for a federal crime in Ohio County (and the subsequent payment of your debt to society), you will re-enter the community ready to enjoy the many rights and privileges you did previously. However, having a federal conviction on your record prevents your regaining certain rights (such as voting in an election or owning a firearm). It might also make it difficult to secure housing or find a job. Fully regaining your previous civic stature may be possible if you are able to secure a presidential pardon. Is that possible, and if so, how would you go about securing it? 

What are the problems with eyewitness lineups?

Eyewitness lineups are used by prosecutors to help determine the perpetrator of a crime. Unfortunately, the results of eyewitness lineup procedures may be inaccurate and could lead to the wrongful conviction of an innocent person. Flaws in the eyewitness lineup process may contribute to these errors. Despite these errors, however, eyewitness identification is used as admissible evidence in court and can easily sway a jury. The Innocence Project reported that eyewitness misidentification is involved in 70 percent of cases that were overturned by a jury after DNA evidence proved the person was innocent of committing a crime.

Implied consent law in West Virginia

Similarly to many other states, West Virginia has an implied consent law when it comes to DUI. During a traffic stop, a police officer may find it suitable to place a driver under arrest for suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Although the results of a breathalyzer test are inadmissible in court, the police officer would likely require the driver to submit to a chemical test at the station. By getting behind the wheel, the driver has implicitly consented to such a test, and refusal can lead to legal consequences. 

Diversion programs may help to keep your children safer

Juveniles who are at risk or are being raised in homes where structure and discipline are lacking are often at a significantly higher risk of becoming involved in criminal behavior in West Virginia. Prevention of offensive behavior often requires an intervention that is customized to a point that allows at-risk youth to feel valued and understood. While there are many forms of intervention, it is imperative that professionals assess the best method for treating juveniles with differing needs for the most successful output.

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