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Month: July 2017

Understanding terroristic threats

Most people in Wheeling may be prone to bouts of anger every now and then. Sometimes, that anger may prompt them to say things that may be contrary to their typical characters. People may not assign much value to words, but when those words constitute threats, law...

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What is domestic violence?

Many families in Wheeling are well aware of the physical and emotional damage domestic violence can afflict in the home. In this case, having the right information is of the utmost importance; some instances of domestic violence are not as cut and dry as others, and...

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We recently discussed how West Virginia's three strikes law is one that can put people behind bars for convictions that don't warrant a life sentence. If you recall, you can face this possibility if you are convicted of three felony charges as long as one of those is...

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In an effort to stop the constant revolving door of people who are in and out of the prison system, many states have enacted three strikes laws. These laws, which are in force in West Virginia, mean that the conviction of three felonies can land you in prison for...

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