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Firearms and drugs: a serious legal combination

Sometimes, one poorly made decision leads to yet another series of unfortunate episodes. For convicted felons, a second arrest could spark an additional world of legal issues, including damaged reputations and costly court fees. While law enforcement is currently working to reduce the number of arrests for drugs and firearms, especially those concerning heroin, arrests nevertheless occur daily. Arrests for drugs are only the tip of the iceberg in some situations, and many felons find themselves overwhelmed with multiple charges that can be difficult to manage. 

Fentanyl causes more overdoses in West Virginia than heroin

It is clear to anyone who lives in West Virginia there are drug abuse problems. Many outlets have reported statistics that claim heroin is the leading cause of overdose deaths in the state, but new evidence suggests otherwise. According to WVVA, fentanyl may cause more overdose deaths here than any other drug. 

What are West Virginia's drug schedules?

Like most in Ohio County, you likely understand that to be caught allegedly possessing any type of drugs can be a serious offense. Yet just as is the case with controlled substances, not all drug offenses are created equal. The state has broken the different classifications of drugs down into schedules. The details of these drug schedules can be found in Article 2 of the West Virginia's Uniform Controlled Substances Act

From firearms to felonies: the legal details

With today's tense attitudes toward gun laws in America, it is all the more important to be aware of each state's legal details on the matter. Controversy over who, exactly, can possess firearms is recently the focal point of attention in the media and in daily life. Sometimes, gun owners may forget that they are carrying their firearm in a restricted setting. If that gun owner happens to have a history of misdemeanor charges, the results may be highly consequential. West Virginia law maintains that no individual with a past misdemeanor charge may possess a gun, yet there are other important factors of this law. 

Complex approaches to the opioid crisis

Drug offenses of any kind can be incredibly detrimental to an individual's life -- not only in the current-tense, but in the future, as well. When it comes to illegal possession of prescription drug offenses in West Virginia, lawmakers are reconsidering the once-widespread availability of opioids, turning to preventative measures in attempts of putting a halt to the state's drug epidemic. This tracing back to the initial acquiring of prescription drugs can potentially help those in need of addiction recovery. 

Annie's Law in Ohio and the ignition interlock device

Whether you are driving away from the stadium, having consumed one too many beers, or on your way home from a party or wedding reception, having enjoyed a little too much wine, law enforcement might stop you for OVI. In the state of Ohio, if police charge you with operating a vehicle while impaired, you face both mandatory and optional penalties.

Can your arrest record be expunged?

It may be difficult to fully comprehend the long-term consequences of a criminal arrest the moment you are facing one in Ohio County. Yet several years removed from an incident, you may still feel the stigma of the consequences that arose from it. Should the fact that you were arrested for a crime continue to hang over your head forever. The state of West Virgnia does not think so, which is why it has offered a way for certain arrests to be expunged from your record

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