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Can your prescription get you a DUI?

It was a stressful day at work, and before heading home, you pop a prescription anti-anxiety pill and get in your car, forgetting the warning label on the bottle that says not to drive after taking your medication. Halfway home, you start to feel a little groggy, but you are confident you can make it safely. Unfortunately, you weave in your lane a few times too many, and it is not long before you see red and blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror. You had nothing to drink, but the officer cites you for driving under the influence anyway. Like many West Virginia residents, you were unaware that a DUI may be one of the consequences of operating a motor vehicle after taking certain medications.

Felony charges and unfounded accusations

Facing a possible assault charge is one of the most excruciating situations an individual can experience. An unfounded accusation can muddy those waters even further. West Virginia residents going through such challenging times have a natural fear of a damaged reputation. There are some facts to know, however, regarding unfounded accusations and false allegations. 

State has not relaxed stance on pot

As states across the U.S. decriminalize first-time possession of small amounts of marijuana, and West Virginia itself giving its use the green light for medicinal purposes, it would be easy to think that the state is OK with marijuana. But that is not the case, not yet, for West Virginians.

The benefits of drug diversion programs

Drug charges in West Virginia can come with various repercussions: costly fines, possible jail time and, not to mention, months of mental and emotional hardship. Many might assume that all drug arrests are justified, but the truth of the matter is that countless individuals face time behind bars all because of a small drug offense. Recent news shows, however, a possible turning of events that could lead to a brighter future for those dealing with the aftereffects of an arrest. 

Methamphetamine and a new danger

While America continues to grapple with the opioid crisis, another drug has continued to sweep across West Virginia: methamphetamine. Meth has remained popular through the vehicle of various criminal drug groups, as well as independent providers across the state. Even as West Virginia battles its own opioid epidemic, it also struggles to manage meth-related overdoses and meth lab problems statewide.

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