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Month: March 2020

Understanding BAC breath tests

Most drivers know if asked by law enforcement to submit during a suspected drunk driving stop, they must provide a breath sample for testing. However, many do not understand how these tests work or the factors that may affect them. The blood alcohol content levels...

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What is an open warrant?

You could get an open warrant for a lot of things, whether it is committing a new crime or maybe you failed to appear for court. Those are the main ways you can get a warrant. According to Legal Beagle, once you have an open warrant, it means that law enforcement has...

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Types of felonies

According to Nolo, the most serious criminal offence is a felony. Offences may involve some severe threat of harm or physical harm to the victims. Similarly, they may include some offences, such as fraud schemes and white-collar crimes. However, some offences that are...

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