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Navigating the law after a cocaine charge

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2017 | Drug Charges |

With prescription drugs and marijuana taking the front seat in regards to drug concerns in the country, cocaine is nevertheless a prominent matter. West Virginia is not exempt from this concern — in fact, it is among one of the states with the highest number of drug-related problems. Despite other drugs having moved under the spotlight in recent years, individuals have a right to protect themselves when caught possessing or manufacturing cocaine in any amount. There are always other sides to a story. Drug possession and manufacturing penalties can bring years of damaged personal reputations, struggle with professions and compromised wellbeing.

In the case of a St. Albans resident, this drug charge became a reality. In April of last year, The Charleston Gazette-Mail shared the story of a West Virginia man who was subject to police monitoring when law enforcement suspected him of manufacturing cocaine in his home. In addition to his drug trafficking charge, the man was also found guilty of possessing illegal firearms. The 47-year-old developer, business and bar owner admitted to having coca leaves shipped to his home through the U.S. Mail. As for the man’s specific plea deal, his advisory sentence alone called for 60 months in prison.

The aforementioned nightmare is rarer than the average cocaine possession charge, but could serve as a wake-up call for some. The National Drug Intelligence Center notes that the drug is still one of the biggest concerns in West Virginia, largely for its wide accessibility; in 2002, cocaine-related offenses were more common than that of any other drug in the state. In addition to its easy access, cocaine is also relatively cheap in West Virginia. When it comes to penalties, just 5 grams in possession could land someone in prison for 5 years. Although these laws can be controversial, it is vital to understand state regulations in the case that an unfortunate situation arises.