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Selection of one juror not acceptable to defense

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

People in West Virginia who have been accused of serious crimes and whose fate rests to some degree in the hands of 12 people named to be jurors in a trial will know how important the selection of those 12 jurors may be to their futures. Certainly there may exist the opportunity to appeal an initial decision but it is nonetheless important to know that one’s rights are protected by having a fair and impartial jury.

A young man of 20 years of age has recently experienced the selection of a jury in a trial in which he is the defendant. The man is accused of having killed a teenage girl two years ago. Reports indicate that one of the people who was accepted as a member of his jury was not approved of by the defense team. This particular jury member was part of another jury roughly two decades ago. That jury found a defendant guilty of murder.

Despite what may appear as an initial setback, the defense team is moving forward and the defendant has entered a plea of not guilty to the various charges against him. Those charges include not only murder but also the concealment of a body and abduction.

After an arrest and charge of serious felony offenses, people in West Virginia might want to consult with a defense attorney to learn the various elements important in their defense and the protection of their rights throughout the process.

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