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Felony charges and unfounded accusations

On Behalf of | May 24, 2018 | Felonies |

Facing a possible assault charge is one of the most excruciating situations an individual can experience. An unfounded accusation can muddy those waters even further. West Virginia residents going through such challenging times have a natural fear of a damaged reputation. There are some facts to know, however, regarding unfounded accusations and false allegations. 

First, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center explains that there is a difference between an unfounded accusation and a false allegation. Although similar in definition, an unfounded case refers to one that law enforcement does not consider valid through the legal criteria for rape. In other words, through a legal lens, the case is baseless. When it comes to false reporting, the NSVRC states that such reports go under investigation and are proven to have never occurred. A baseless report can be truthful, but may not meet the elements of the crime. The NSVRC concludes by noting that specific definitions may also vary from state to state.

Not only can felony charges become complex; they can ultimately destroy a person’s personal and professional reputation. As Vox notes, many develop confusion over who, exactly, decides if a rape allegation is false. Although police have primarily been in charge of determining these cases in the past, Vox points out that a large majority of records are unclear, and — even worse — biased. Poor foundations for determining rape and gray areas of past studies reflect a confusing system through which such allegations are proven. Some experts have suggested independent reviews of case files, as well as closer training in law enforcement, as solutions. While a proper approach to addressing these cases is a point of ongoing debate, most would agree that such situations are in dire need of closer investigations.