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Stressful scenario leaves Parkersburg mom facing felony charges

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Felonies |

Many in Wheeling may wonder what separates a felony charge from a misdemeanor. Some might guess that it is the intent behind the alleged crime that results in more serious charges, while others still might say that the outcome of a supposed offense makes that determination. While those factors may come into consideration in some cases, more often than not it may be the means of commission which determine whether one faces felony or misdemeanor charges. The intent behind an alleged offense (or even lack thereof) may ultimately be viewed as being irrelevant given the crime’s supposed conditions. 

A Parkersburg woman is currently facing multiple felony charges after she admitted to authorities that she had injured her infant son. The 16-month-old was brought into a local hospital for treatment for chemical burns. When asked how the boy had sustained such injuries, the woman claimed that his four-year-old brother had accidently sprayed bleach in his face. Later, however, she admitted to being the one who had sprayed the bleach on the boy. She the child has been crying excessively, which in turn made her upset. She then left the boy in the crib for 20 minutes before returning to check on him. 

Violence against anyone (particularly children) should not condoned. At the same time, a stressed-out mom suffering a momentary lapse in judgment may be understandable. While not justifying her (or others in similar situations) actions, such an understanding may speak to a lack of intent to harm. Such an idea may be worth considering when determining what sort penalties people facing punishment in similar scenarios may face. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney in one’s corner may help guarantee that such consideration is given in his or her case.