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DUI arrest results in dismissal of West Virginia state trooper

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Most in Wheeling might expect some sort of consequence to accompany criminal charges. They might think, however, that such consequences will be exclusively limited to one’s criminal case. Yet that may not always happen. Allegations of criminal activity can affect those that they are leveled at in a number of different ways. One might see their public reputation sullied, their rights restricted, and even their careers affected. 

Such is the case with a Barbour County man who was recently arrested for driving while intoxicated. The man was a West Virginia state trooper who as recently as last year was recognized for performing exemplary service on the job. However, after authorities in Buckhannon pulled his car over, they noticed him to be acting as though he was drunk. He originally aroused suspicion after authorities that his car was slightly damaged and the tires were covered with mud; an investigation at a nearby business complex revealed that he allegedly drove off the road and struck a fence. Roadside sobriety tests indicated that he was indeed impaired, and he reportedly failed a subsequent breath test. The incident led to him being fired from his job. 

As this case illustrates, even those who may have everything going for them in their careers and personal lives can see all of that undone by their association with criminal activity. Regardless of the outcome of their criminal cases, the damage done to their lives may come close to being irreparable. Thus, anyone facing criminal charges will want to do all that they can to mitigate the damages their cases cause. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney at one’s side may help with that.