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Alleged terroristic threats result in arrest of W. Va. student

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2019 | Felonies |

Both law enforcement and school authorities in West Virginia take terroristic threats very seriously. It does not matter whether or not the person making the threat was in earnest or had any intent to carry it out. In the interest of keeping all students safe, school administrators will work with law enforcement to ensure that a thorough investigation of all potential threats takes place and that authorities respond swiftly and appropriately.

An alleged terroristic threat resulted in the arrest of a male student of Berkeley Springs High School in Morgan County. Few specifics are available because the student is still a minor and it is necessary to protect his identity. However, the alleged Level 4 behavior reportedly amounts to a felony according to the Expected Behavior in Safe and Supportive Schools policy of the West Virginia Department of Education. Authorities found probable cause for an arrest as a result of an investigation. The student is under suspension as of the most recent report.

According to the superintendent, a student initially reported the alleged threat to a parent after school on a Wednesday afternoon in mid-September. The parent then called the superintendent’s office to relay the information, and the superintendent communicated it to law enforcement. Following an investigation, law enforcement made an arrest that evening. The school district then communicated with parents via social media post informing them of the threat and the subsequent arrest, assuring them that no student was in danger at any time and affirming that classes would take place as scheduled the next morning.

When it comes to consequences for the student who allegedly made the threat, both the school district and the Morgan County Prosecutor’s office are reportedly weighing options. People facing charges that fall into the broad category of terroristic threats may find it worthwhile to contact a criminal defense attorney.