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Former correctional officer sentenced for meth scheme

On Dec. 12, a former correctional officer from West Virginia was sentenced to four years in prison. The man was charged with participating in a plot to bring methamphetamine into the South Central Regional Jail in Charleston and distribute it. The defendant was convicted for a federal charge of possession with intent to distribute meth and a state charge of delivery of a controlled substance. The man's case is unrelated to the recent 'Nazi salute" photo controversy involving corrections officer trainees.

Former county court clerk may reach plea in meth case

A former West Virginia court clerk accused of drug charges may wrap up the case against her with a plea bargain. On Dec. 10, the judge overseeing the case noted that a plea agreement may be close at hand for the woman accused of attempting to operate a meth manufacturing laboratory out of her home. The judge denied a motion by the woman's attorney to dismiss the indictment against her in a hearing nearly two years after charges were initially brought against her. The judge said that the delay in the case was attributable to challenges in reaching a plea deal rather than a deliberate attempt to deny her a speedy trial.

West Virginia traffic stop leads to drug seizure

Two West Virginia residents and an Ohio man were taken into custody during the early morning hours of Nov. 22 after drugs and drug paraphernalia were allegedly discovered in the vehicle they were traveling in during a routine traffic stop. A 43-year-old Wheeling man and a 36-year-old Wheeling woman have both been charged with possessing illegal drugs with the intent to distribute. The man also faces a gun possession charge. A 34-year-old Ohio man was released after being issued a citation for possessing a controlled substance.

Woman facing drug charges after allegedly consenting to search

A 33-year-old West Virginia woman was charged with six felony drug counts after allegedly giving police consent to search her home and phone on the afternoon of Nov. 15. During the searches, a West Virginia State Police trooper says that he discovered undisclosed but reportedly significant quantities of marijuana and methamphetamine along with a large amount of U.S. currency and drug packaging materials. The Marion County resident is being held at the North Central Regional Jail on charges including drug possession, drug possession with the intent to deliver and conspiracy to deliver illegal narcotics.

Multi-agency investigation results in drug charges

Residents in the state of West Virginia and in neighboring states like Ohio may often hear or read news reports about criminal investigations that spanned multiple states. There can be times when a variety of law enforcement entities choose to collaborate and focus on what they allege to be criminal behavior that may occur in more than one state. Recently, there was a relatively large investigation like that that has now resulted in many individuals being arrested.

Do police need a warrant to use drug-sniffing dogs?

Law enforcement officials in Wheeling are often given a great deal of leeway when it comes to the discovery of potential crimes. At the same time, however, they must respect your rights (as well as those of others) during the course of an investigation. This includes the application of technology to your case. One type of "technology" that authorities have employed for years in the investigative process (particularly when looking into potential drug crimes) is the use of drug-sniffing dogs. You might think that scent (which is what police drugs primarily rely on when searching a property) is well within the public domain, which then begs the question of whether or not a warrant is needed to deploy drug-sniffing dogs on your property?

Do DUIs include drug usage?

In West Virginia, there are laws in place that determine how DUI-related cases will be handled. However, there are actually some differences in how these cases may be handled depending on whether a driver is accused of consuming alcohol, or using drugs.

What are the legal ramifications of drug use & sales?

Addiction not only impacts a person's health, it can also have serious legal consequences. Charges for the use and sale of illegal drugs can be quite severe, especially if the offender is convicted of repeat offenses or is charged with having a large number of drugs in his or her possession. explains possible consequences which illustrate the impact drug addiction and abuse can have on a person's life. 

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