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Multi-agency investigation results in drug charges

Residents in the state of West Virginia and in neighboring states like Ohio may often hear or read news reports about criminal investigations that spanned multiple states. There can be times when a variety of law enforcement entities choose to collaborate and focus on what they allege to be criminal behavior that may occur in more than one state. Recently, there was a relatively large investigation like that that has now resulted in many individuals being arrested.

Do police need a warrant to use drug-sniffing dogs?

Law enforcement officials in Wheeling are often given a great deal of leeway when it comes to the discovery of potential crimes. At the same time, however, they must respect your rights (as well as those of others) during the course of an investigation. This includes the application of technology to your case. One type of "technology" that authorities have employed for years in the investigative process (particularly when looking into potential drug crimes) is the use of drug-sniffing dogs. You might think that scent (which is what police drugs primarily rely on when searching a property) is well within the public domain, which then begs the question of whether or not a warrant is needed to deploy drug-sniffing dogs on your property?

Do DUIs include drug usage?

In West Virginia, there are laws in place that determine how DUI-related cases will be handled. However, there are actually some differences in how these cases may be handled depending on whether a driver is accused of consuming alcohol, or using drugs.

What are the legal ramifications of drug use & sales?

Addiction not only impacts a person's health, it can also have serious legal consequences. Charges for the use and sale of illegal drugs can be quite severe, especially if the offender is convicted of repeat offenses or is charged with having a large number of drugs in his or her possession. explains possible consequences which illustrate the impact drug addiction and abuse can have on a person's life. 

Does heroin use have long-term effects?

Along with short-term risks like overdose and legal trouble, heroin use can also have a long-term impact. This highly addictive substance is capable of changing a person's brain chemistry, which makes overcoming the drug extremely difficult. Very Well Mind explains how prolonged heroin abuse can damage your body and your life.

What is illegal search and seizure?

If you are under arrest for drug charges in West Virginia, it is important you understand your rights. A good defense attorney will examine facts around search and seizure to see if legal authorities violated your protections under the Fourth amendment.

Authorities required to have warrant before pinging a cellphone

In a majority of crime shows, there are scenes depicting an onslaught of local authorities working to track down criminals by pinging their cell phone location. However, even though this has been true in the past, a recent change may now require authorities to do a bit more footwork before they are cleared to ping the location of any cell phone in West Virginia. 

Defendant enters into plea deal for drug charges

People in West Virginia who find themselves facing serious criminal charges may often feel as if they have few to no options for how to proceed with a defense in their case. Even when circumstances look bleak, however, it is important for defendants to remember that they do have rights and one of these rights is to a fair defense and appropriate process.

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