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Elkins mother and son arrested over drug discovery

Drug charges can often be incredibly complex in their interconnectedness. A single incident of authorities finding drugs or controlled substances on a person may result not only in possession charges but also trafficking and distribution offenses, as well. In some circumstances, even the mere association with one who has been charged with a drug offense might find one facing a criminal case. While an argument may be made that law enforcement authorities would not bring such charges if there was no evidence to support them, it might seem concerning to some that so many alleged offenses can be traced back to a single incident. 

Helping your teen when they are charged with a drug offense

Parents can struggle with all sorts of hurdles as they raise children, some of which are emotional in nature, others financial. Some challenges can be both, such as a teenager who is charged with a drug offense. These cases can result in fines, shatter a young person's opportunities and create an overwhelming amount of stress and uncertainty for teens and their parents as well. Whether you are angry or worried about how this situation will affect your child's future, this is no time to become complacent and you should do whatever you can to help protect your child's future.

How does drug addiction treatment work?

If you’ve received drug charges in West Virginia, you may feel as though the whole world is against you. In this case, seeking treatment for underlying addiction issues might be something to consider. Drug addiction often leads to legal woes and can also ravage a person’s home and work life. The National Institute on Drug Abuse offers the following advice in this case, which can help you find the right drug treatment for your specific needs.

Diversion programs may help to keep your children safer

Juveniles who are at risk or are being raised in homes where structure and discipline are lacking are often at a significantly higher risk of becoming involved in criminal behavior in West Virginia. Prevention of offensive behavior often requires an intervention that is customized to a point that allows at-risk youth to feel valued and understood. While there are many forms of intervention, it is imperative that professionals assess the best method for treating juveniles with differing needs for the most successful output.

Defining imitation controlled substances

Of all of the incorrect assumptions that many in Wheeling have in regards to the state's drug laws, one of the most common may be that authorities do not take drug charges as seriously as other criminal offenses. The thought may be that if one is arrested for a drug offense, they are likely to only be charged with a simple misdemeanor and sent on their way. In reality, however, law enforcement can indeed come down hard on those who allegedly commit drug offenses. One need only review the state's imitation controlled substance laws to understand this. 

Understanding prescription drug laws

Although the nation has seen a great deal of change in its drug laws in recent years, the regulations surrounding most substances remain strict. Some changes involve the legalization of marijuana, while others have tightened the grip on laws involving more serious substances. As for prescription drugs in West Virginia, just one offense could result in severe consequences.  

New breath test device claims to measure THC

While several states around the country have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, West Virginia has not. However, last year a law was passed that legalized the use of pot for medicinal purposes and starting next summer, people will be able to actively use marijuana under the medicinal pot program. Knowing that this is on the horizon makes it reasonable that residents should understand that the potential for an impaired driving arrest may exist.

How can I get a conditional discharge?

Although restriction on the use of marijuana is easing in states throughout the U.S., possession can still land you in hot water, despite West Virginia’s adoption of medical-use marijuana last year. Unless you have a prescription, pot is still a controlled substance, and those found with it face the same legal problems as anyone caught with other illegal drugs. If you are a first-time offender, you may qualify for a conditional discharge of the offense, as long as the charge is for personal use and not for sale or distribution.

Can you be arrested for failing a drug test?

Drug testing has become much more commonplace both in Wheeling and throughout the rest of the country. Public and private employers alike may use during the candidate screening process. Amateur and professional sporting and activity associations may rely on it to determine participant eligibility. If you are on parole or probation, you could be required to submit to it as condition of your release. No matter the circumstances requiring you to be drug tested, you may share the same question that many others have: can you be arrested for failing such a test? 

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